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Whether you’ve decided you need a divorce or you’re questioning whether one might be necessary, an experienced Santa Barbara divorce lawyer can provide the guidance you need. A lawyer can answer any questions you might have, from how a divorce can impact your finances and your future to how a separation works and if it’s a good option for you right now. A lawyer can help with everything from your initial questions about the separation and divorce process to post-divorce issues you might experience.

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Family law attorneys are able to provide a wide range of legal services for their clients. They can help with the general divorce process, which could be anything from a divorce that has no assets or children involved to a divorce involving a high net worth as well as multiple children. They can help with child custody, support and visitation issues as well as post-divorce issues you might be worried about.

Divorce & Family Law Overview

In California, you may request a separation or a divorce. You will have to carefully consider which one you are interested in because, with a separation, you are still legally married to your spouse but you will split assets and determine child custody, support, and visitation as well as other issues. A lawyer can help you with this decision as it can be complicated, depending on your situation.

Once the decision has been made, the lawyer will help you through the separation or divorce process. This can be simple in some cases, such as when the couple has only been married a short amount of time and they do not have many assets to split or children involved in the marriage. It can also be incredibly complex if your spouse decides to fight the divorce, if you’re worried about alimony or property support, if there are children involved, or if there are any of a number of other factors in your marriage that need to be handled.

Your lawyer will be able to answer any questions you might have about separation or divorce as well as help you determine which one is better for you and what you should do during the legal process. They’re going to be available to answer questions, help you with navigating the complex legal paperwork to be filed, and help you handle mediation or court dates.

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Santa Barbara Spousal Support Attorney

Receiving or Paying Spousal Support or Alimony

Spousal support is not going to be automatically applied. Instead, one person will need to request it if they believe they should receive it. They can receive temporary or permanent spousal support and the potential amount will vary, depending on a few different factors.

Temporary support is spousal support provided through the divorce process, but it ends when the divorce is finalized. This gives the spouse with a lower income the chance to arrange their finances and prepare for the divorce. Permanent spousal support is a part of the finalized divorce and is paid for a period of time after the divorce is finalized. The amount is determined based on the amount each spouse makes as well as the standard of living they had during the marriage.

Your lawyer can discuss whether you should inquire about spousal support or help you if you believe your spouse will inquire about spousal support for them. They can explain the different types of spousal support, the chances of it being approved, and the potential amount that will need to be paid to you or your spouse, depending on who acquires the support.

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Child Custody & Visitation Lawyer

Determining Child Custody, Support, and Visitation

When a couple gets a divorce, they need to determine the custody, support, and visitation of the children involved. Most of the time, it’s a good idea for you and your spouse to determine a custody and visitation schedule that is beneficial for your children. If support is needed, it can be determined by you or your spouse, or through the courts.

  • Determining Child Custody – There are different kinds of child custody that can be arranged through the divorce. It’s possible for one parent to have all custody or for both parents to share custody. Custody helps determine the resolutions to questions about legal issues, medical issues, educational issues, and more.
  • Determining Child Support – Child support is ordered to ensure the child is taken care of. It’s typically ordered when one spouse makes more than the other or when one spouse does significantly more of the day-to-day care of the children. The amount of support can vary based on the income of both parents as well as the visitation schedule.
  • Determining Child Visitation – Visitation is the amount of time the children spend with both parents. Parents may split visitation equally or one parent may have more time with the children than the other. This may be because it’s easier for the children or because it helps them maintain their normal routine. The visitation schedule should be determined based on what’s better for the children.

All three of these issues are separate, but they all impact each other. Legal assistance is available if you have any questions about custody, support or visitation issues. Your lawyer will be able to help you determine what a good solution is for your situation and help you create a parenting plan with your spouse to minimize the impact on your children. If you need child support, your lawyer can help you obtain this as well. The goal here is to find a solution that’s right for your children and that considers their interests.

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Asset Division Attorney

Determining Property Division

Any property obtained during the divorce will need to be split when you file for divorce. However, there are some instances where premarital property should be considered in the divorce as well. You will want to make sure you speak with a lawyer about your property and what you might need to split as a result of the divorce. They can help handle mediations between you and your spouse to determine the property division and to help ensure you receive a fair amount of the marital property.

You’ll also want to make sure you speak with your lawyer if you need to sell or purchase property during the divorce process. This could complicate your divorce and it may be a better idea for you to wait for the divorce to be finalized to buy or sell property. If you cannot wait, your lawyer can help you navigate this during the divorce process.

High Net Worth & Complex Divorce Attorney

Handling a High Net Worth Divorce

In a high net worth divorce, the person with the high net worth is typically worried about how much they’ll need to give to their spouse through the divorce process. Additionally, the spouse who stayed at home or who had a much lower income might be worried about the sudden change in their finances. You can speak with your lawyer about the possible issues with a high net worth and how your income status could be impacted by the divorce.

The income can be used to determine how the assets are split, determine whether you or your spouse should receive alimony, and determine child support obligations, so it’s important to seek legal advice quickly if you or your spouse has a high net worth. This can be a more complex issue for a divorce, so legal assistance is required for you to make sure you get the right settlement through the divorce.

Managing QDROs

Among the assets that need to be split during a divorce, an employment-sponsored retirement plan may be considered. Your lawyer can help you determine if you should receive a percentage of your spouse’s retirement plan or if there’s a chance they should receive a part of your retirement plan. If this is applicable to your situation, you’re going to need legal assistance to manage the QDRO.

QDRO or qualified domestic relations order is a court order that entitles a person to part of their spouse’s retirement funds. This is usually determined as part of the divorce process. To be considered qualified, the retirement plan has to accept it. Until then, it is not considered qualified and the spouse may not receive the benefits until it has been accepted.

It’s important to seek legal assistance throughout this process to ensure the order is qualified and is for a fair amount. If you are seeking a part of your spouse’s retirement, your lawyer can help you obtain the order and make sure it’s qualified as well as help you ensure you receive a fair amount during the divorce. If your spouse is seeking the QDRO, your lawyer can explain how this could impact you right now and in the future, as well as help you seek a resolution that’s advantageous for you.

Post-Divorce Issues (Postnups)

It’s easy to relax once the divorce is finalized. However, many people find there are issues in the future that still need to be handled. Your spouse might not pay alimony on time or fully, they might not comply with child custody or visitation orders, or you might have other issues that need to be dealt with.

No matter what the issue is, your lawyer can help you determine what options you have and what the right course of action is for you. They’re going to make sure you receive the help you need to find a solution, even if it has been years since your divorce has finalized or the issue is complex.

It’s important for you to contact your lawyer right away if you have any post-divorce issues. They can answer questions quickly that can put your mind at ease or start working on a resolution for you as quickly as possible. They are familiar with all post-divorce issues and will know how you should handle it.

Take Your Mind Off the Divorce

Going through a divorce is stressful. You’ll want to make sure you take some time to relax during the divorce process and take a break to recuperate a little bit. When you’re in Santa Barbara, there’s a lot of local landmarks you can visit to see breathtaking sights and to get away from reality for just a little bit before you delve back into the divorce process.

  • Historic Santa Barbara Courthouse – If you’d love to see a little bit of the history of Santa Barbara, head down to the courthouse. Here you can view the courthouse, built in 1929. Don’t forget to head to the tower for a 360-degree
  • State Street – If you need to get out for a little bit, don’t pass a chance to head down State Street. Restaurants, art galleries, clothing stores, jewelry shops, and more are located along this street, so there’s plenty for you to see and do.
  • Highway 101 – Do you want to just go for a drive? The scenic Highway 101 through Santa Barbara is the perfect option for a ling drive. Stop at many fantastic landmarks along the way or just drive through the city and enjoy the view.
  • Head to the Beach – A visit to the beach is always the perfect option on a warm, sunny day. Santa Barbara offers many different fantastic options for you to choose from. Ledbetter Beach, Arroyo Burro Beach, and East Beach are just a few of the ones you can pick.
  • Santa Barbara Zoo – Spend a day outside with wildlife at the Santa Barbara Zoo. This is a fantastic option if you have children and just want to get out for the day to have a break from the stress of the divorce. You can see the new koalas, learn how food is prepped for all of the animals, or check out some of the amazing behind-the-scenes experiences.

If you are considering a divorce or your spouse has requested a divorce, you need legal assistance today. We are ready to help you with any part of the divorce process you’re worried about or walk you through the entire process. Visit our website or give us a call today to schedule your consultation.